Custom Clamps

Here at Lodestone Billetworks we understand that clamps are not a one size fits all system, which is why we offer custom machining services. A few of our customers have come to us with custom requests and we were able to produce products for their applications. Occasionally, customers send pictures of the installed product as well. Look for these in the installed pictures section at the left.

Dual 3/16" Separators
Dual 3/16" brake tubing separators in full polish.

Triple Line Clamps

Combination AN-6 Fuel and 3/16" Brake Line Clamps

Matching Hose Separators for AN-6 Hose

Dual line clamp 3/8" x 5/8" for AC lines

Colors and Finishes

Custom colors and finishes are also available. Powder coating, anodizing, and polishing services are available

Pics will be added as products undergo these processes.

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